Sunday, April 11, 2010

Photographic Nation: Part 1

So my creative side has been focusing on the photographic lately with the lead up to an Exhibition in August and I thought I would start sharing them on here.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Nude Auction, University of Wollongong 2009

Ok, I know ive been away for a while, but i havent been just sitting around doing nothing, so there will be some catch up posts coming, but for now the Annual UOW Nude Auction for 2009.

Incase your unfamiliar the University of Wollongong, each year the Faculty of Creative Arts hold an auction of Artists/Student and Teachers art work, all based around the nude. Now this can be based around the human form or a play around the word and application of the word nude. All proceeds of the auction go the the 2009 Art and design Graduation Exhibition, this year called 'Grad Wrap'

At the request of a friend, this years artwork comes as a set of two prints, 594 x 840mm
Ive always been interested with the concept of the degradation of an image, and my submissions to the nude auction over the last few years has tried to reflect this.

Click image for closer view
After the auction a limited run of these prints will be available through redbubble, details will be released in a future post

Monday, April 27, 2009

Branding Motion Test

Ok, so I havent really filled in whats been happening this year. This year im studying a Masters degree in Graphic Design, in which i will be researching and exploring design for High Def/digital tv. For the practical side of the course I am applying this research in to a branding exercise for a fictional music channel called BEAT.

Heres the first tv spot ive developed

I suggest you load it up in its HD format at full screen, looks much better

Friday, March 13, 2009

$5.50 pints and karaoke

Ok, so i went for a job interview up in north sydney the other week, it went for two hours, ive never been in an interview for longer than 20 minutes, it was weird and im not sure whether it was a good or bad thing that it went so long. Anyway, when i finally got out it was about 5pm, so i messaged my friend whos still studying at a Sydney uni, I asked him if he wanted to hit up a pub for drinks (we are not ones to pass up an opportunity for a few drinks) , so we found a pub called paddy maguires on george st near china town. We walked in, Australia was playing footy on the tvs, they were selling Pints of Carlsberg - one of the smoothest, best tasting beers in the world for $5.50 a pint. After knockin a few pints back we discovered that the sacred art of karaoke was occurring in the opposite room. Needless to say we were all geared up to take part, we did a couple of single songs, then we started doing the duets. Before long we were getting compliments from the ladies and soon after that encores, for the life of me i cant think that anyone could of received encores for Karaoke! So with that in hand I have dubbed myself, and my friend the Kings of Karaoke.

(Sorry for the ramble)

Everything and nothing (my music muse)

so what have i been up to in the last 3 months... well as the title suggests ive been busy with nothing.  but what i have been up to (other than partying), is racking up new music, starting a new degree and building my dvd collection.

so my music muse for March 2009 is...

Bon Iver - Blood Bank EP
I found out about Bon Iver through his first album 'For Emma, Forever ago' in 2008, beautiful album, very touching. Any way a friend and i went to see him as part of the sydney festival, to cut a long story short we thought the starting time was the doors open time, needless to say we missed most of the concert, bar two chords of the main set and the chorus. The day after i saw that encore i went and bought this ep and i must say it is phenomenal, four tracks of absolute gold!

While i wont go in to much detail, a lil while ago i had a music swap with a friend of mine. I probably got about 1500 songs off him, he got around 2500, needless to say it was worth it. As a result i am recommending you listen to Patrick watson - his song ' the great escape' is absolutely beautiful, also have a listen to ida maria. Apart from that take a page from Matt Costa's 2008 album 'Songs we Sing' and go nuts with it

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The 2008 Graduate Exhibition

Welcome to 'The Rabbit Hole' The University of Wollongong's Art and Design Graduate Exhibition of 2008. Ok so why am I showing off other peoples work rather than just my own, well its rather simple. Not only am I proud of the work of my peers but I was on the organising committee for the show, I was a curator of the show and a designer on the show. Which should explain my absence from blogging over the last what 16 or more weeks.

Anyway here is a slideshow of some of the works from the show, I hope you enjoy them. If you have any questions about the Artists or their works shoot me through an email on, I wont give out the artist/designer's contact details without their permission, but I will seek their permission on your behalf.

Oh and just so you all know, I've applied for my masters, so with any luck a year from now the slideshow might be of my masters exhibition.

If you happen to be passing by Wollongong, why not stop by the uni and have a gander at the show, its up till the 19th of december in building 25 (faculty of Creative Arts)

Sunday, November 30, 2008